Saturday, September 24, 2011

Melissa & Todd's Perfect Day| Comox Valley Photographer

I have a bit of history with Melissa's family which made it all the sweeter to be involved in this wedding.   Melissa and Todd were the first clients to book a wedding with me, but by the time their big day arrived I had three weddings under my belt.  Still, I'm very grateful that they went out on a limb to hire me as their official wedding photographer.

There were so many tender moments throughout the day, it's hard to choose which ones to write about.   Melissa and Todd and their families truly lived every moment of this day.  They weren't going through the motions, they were feeling it all.  Deeply.  From the moment Melissa's dad first saw her in her dress, to the moment Todd's brother gave a toast, they all wore their emotions on their sleeves and it was beautiful to behold.

I loved photographing your wedding Todd and Melissa!  I hope you enjoy these images for many years to come.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Parksville Wedding/Comox Valley Photographer

It was a blustery, beautiful, West Coast day; entirely appropriate for this Parksville couple who so love the sea.  I hadn't met Darren and Kelly prior to their wedding day, but Kelly and I had exchanged several emails leading up to the event, and I had spoken with their officiant, Barbara Densmore.  I had a sense of what the wedding would be like, but I had no idea that the couple, the setting and the ceremony would be so ridiculously beautiful.  Really.

Photographers are beauty-seekers, so you can imagine how exciting it is when a photographer is completely surrounded by gorgeousness!  That's how I felt at Kelly and Darren's wedding.  Everywhere I looked; at the scenery, the bride and groom, the guests, the piper, the flowers, the kilts, and yes, even the seaweed......I saw beauty.

There were also many elements to the ceremony that were lovely.  For example, every guest had an opportunity to hold the wedding bands and bless them, and everyone present threw a wishing stone into the ocean for the couple.

 I am grateful to Kelly and Darren for trusting me to document their truly spectacular day.  I wish you smooth sailing and a lifetime of happiness together!