Monday, July 30, 2012

Say hello to Sawyer! | Comox Valley Newborn Photographer

Allie and I first met at 'Diaper Gym,' when we were both pregnant mothers, chasing our toddlers around the gym at the Rec. Centre.  Our eldest daughters became fast friends, as did we.  After almost six years of knowing Allie, I can honestly say that she is as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside and she and her husband Colin make the most BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN!!!

Allie's beautiful son Sawyer was born on Mothers Day and I couldn't wait to get him into the studio.  Allie wanted classic portraits of her son without props and fancy backgrounds; exactly my style!

The three of us had a lovely time together, and I was so glad that I had suggested spreading the newborn session over two days.  The photos I took of Sawyer with the rest of his family took place later.

This session was all about Sawyer.

Musicfest Makes me Happy!!! | Comox Valley Photographer

Vancouver Island Musicfest might just be my favourite weekend of the year.

I have been enjoying the festival for years as an audience member, but these past two years I have volunteered as a photographer on the Musicfest Media crew, and my enjoyment of the festival has surpassed all expectations.

To be able to enjoy live, collaborative performances by accomplished musicians in an atmosphere of joy and peace and kindess with a camera in my hand is my idea of a GOOD TIME!!!  (It was also a bit of a thrill to have a bit of a buzz surround a couple of my photos during the weekend of the festival.  I was contacted to do an interview on jet fm as well as have my images posted on the cbc website.) 

KD Lang had us all spellbound when she sang, "Halleluhiah," Friday night.  Her voice was pure silk.  You can tell by these images that she's a performer who leaves her heart out on the stage.  


Another highlight was the fabulous Emmylou Harris who shone as bright as the star she is.  I heard from other media crew members that she was a kind and generous musician, traveling around to all of the stages throughout the day to listen to other artists and offer words of encouragement.

I'd read a lot about The Sheepdogs prior to the festival because of the Rolling Stones buzz that surrounded them, so I had pretty high expectations.  My favourite performances of theirs were on the Grierson stage.

To be on a stellar volunteer crew, with the talented Susan Wood at the helm, was icing on the cake.   Thank you to everyone who had anything to do with this amazing festival, especially the musicians.  I feel so blessed to have witnessed your magic.

Third Time Mama | Comox Valley Maternity Photographer

When my friend Allie approached me about taking some maternity and newborn shots for her third pregnancy, I felt very honoured.  I knew that she hadn't had photographs taken of her blooming belly with her two previous pregnancies, and I was thrilled to document her beauty.

We went for a walk in the woods behind Allie's house; a place she visits daily with her dog and her daughters.  Her youngest daughter Kirra was with us for the first few minutes of our session, and I took a few snaps of her interacting with Allie.  When she picked one of the wildflowers to show her mom it was one of those perfect, spontaneous moments that photographers live for!

Allie's husband and dog arrived to collect Kirra and soon we were on our own.  As I was photographing Allie in all of her pregnant splendour, I felt compelled to zoom in and fill the frame with her face. Yes-she is a loving mother, and yes-she is a beautiful pregnant woman, but she is also a stunning woman.

After our time in the woods, we decided to take a few photos in my studio before calling it a wrap.  (Stay tuned for the newborn photos where Allie's gorgeous little boy makes his debut!)

My July | Comox Valley Portrait Photographer

This summer, my husband and I decided that I wouldn't book any photography sessions during the month of July so that he could guide a three-week rafting trip (work,) and plan a week-long kayak trip (play.)  It was a tough decision business-wise, given that summer is a portrait photographer's busiest season, but it meant that my main goal for the month was to enjoy my daughters, and that was such a gift!

(I did manage to sneak in some volunteer photography work at the Vancouver Island Music Festival, but I'll save that for another post!)

Now that my month-long holiday with my daughters has come to an end, I'm looking forward to the sessions I have next month, but I thought I would share a personal photo of my daughters before I transition back into work-mode.

I think any parent would be hard-pressed to describe the love they feel for their children, but the quotation that continues to pop into my head when I think of my girls is from the Bard himself, "The more I love, the more I have to give."

I feel as though my daughters have had the same impact on me as The Whos down in Whoville had on The Grinch.  You know the visual I'm referring to, when The Grinch's heart grows three sizes, then pops right out of his chest?  That's how I feel.  Unlike the Grinch, I was a loving, happy person prior to having children, but my daughters have forever changed me.  I'm softer in the middle. accountant may not like my July; but I sure did!