Saturday, September 14, 2013

Katy and Jordan's one-of-a-kind wedding

There are some couples that just glow when they are together; Jordan and Katy are such a couple.  Their love has stood the test of time, yet they interact as though they are newly in love; it's a privilege to witness!

Katy and Jordan's wedding ceremony on the dock of the Comox Marina was absolute perfection, and I felt so honoured to be their photographer.  I hope that these images provide them with a lifetime of sweet memories!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Amanda & Matthew

Amanda and I visit each other approximately once every 6 months when she cleans my daughters' teeth!  Yes, Amanda works alongside our wonderful dentist, Dr. Burgess, and the girls and I always look forward to seeing her.  Her disposition is as bright as her smile!

I was happy to meet Amanda's future husband and their daughter during the engagement session and I couldn't be happier for this little family.  They have a beautiful, playful energy about them and their love for each other shines through every photograph.

I know that their wedding will be spectacular and I am very grateful to have been chosen as their photographer.  I look forward to every moment of this journey with them.