Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Home-School Portraits| Comox Valley Photographer

As a working mom, there are many hats I wear these days, and one of them includes 'teacher!'  I am home-schooling my daughter Stella, who is 6 years old and we are beginning our second year of home-schooling with the PIE  programme out of Powell River.

Last fall, I wanted to document Stella's kindergarten year by taking an official portrait for her in my studio.

Here she is:

I thought I would make this opportunity available to other Homeschoolers, in the Comox Valley, by offering some conventional (and some not-so-conventional,) school portraits this September.

$75 includes a 15 minute studio session with the two best images emailed to you at a high resolution.  You are then able to print the images or email them to your heart's content.

(Print products are also available upon request.)

Or, if you'd like something a bit more non-traditional,  you can book me for a 1/2 hr ($100) and we can get creative with some props in-studio, or in our spacious backyard.  I enlisted the help of my youngest daughter, Sophie along with my niece and nephew for these shots:

If you have more than one child and would like individual as well as group shots, just let me know and I can customize a package to suit your needs.

Just drop me a line via facebook or my website if you'd like to book a school portrait session with me.

I look forward to meeting you!

(Please note that this offer extends to non home-schooling families as well!)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Shelley & Adam Part One: "The Sun Must Have Been Happy"

When you visit the blogs and websites of most wedding photographers, you're likely to read words like, 'honour,' and 'privilege.'   You might even find it a little monotonous; the way photographers all seem to write about capturing 'once-in-a-lifetime moments' in photographs that their clients will cherish forever.  It can sound a bit 'cheesy.'

Well, get ready for more cheese, because my experience is no different.

I was truly honoured when our violin teacher, Shelley Brown, asked me to photograph her wedding, and as I sit here and reflect upon the time I spent with Shelley and Adam, I feel very fortunate indeed.  I witnessed beautiful moments in the lives of these two people, and the idea that my photos will now become a part of their family history is an honour.

Yes, Wedding Photography is a business, and it can be a highly stressful and challenging job, but at the end of the day, it's really about capturing moments of love that exist between people.  (Cheese alert...)  I'm in the business of documenting LOVE.

(There were so many photos to choose from, I decided to devote this first blog post to Shelley and Adam during our pre-wedding portrait session, and I will cover the bridal party, ceremony and family portraits in a later post.)

Last Saturday, I arrived at the wedding site about four hours prior to the ceremony so that the couple could have the majority of their portraits taken before guests arrived.

Shelley's parents' home is gorgeous, with woods, gardens, and a nearby field.  I began by taking some detail shots before the bride and groom arrived.

After Shelley was dressed, and before Adam had arrived, I had some time to photograph the beautiful bride.

One of the first very magical moments occurred during our bridal portrait session.  Shelley is a talented musician, and she wanted some portraits taken of her playing her violin.  We went outside into the back yard and Shelley started to play.  I'm not sure what piece it was that she chose, but the sound filled the forest and everyone within earshot seemed to stop in their tracks.  Even the trees seemed to be listening.  Shelley was connecting with the music, she was lost in the moment, and she took us all along with her.

As we walked further into the shaded forest, the sun peeked through the canopy at one moment to bathe Shelley in light.  This shot is my favourite and it happened so quickly that I couldn't adjust my white balance, but the look on Shelley's face is glorious.  My daughter, who is also a student of Shelley's, saw this photo and said,

"The sun must have been happy that Shelley was getting married."

Another unforgettable moment was 'The First Look.'  Shelley was hiding behind a tree in the forest when Adam arrived to see his bride for the first time in her wedding gown.  I'll never forget the look on Adam's face, the way he offered his hand to his bride, the excitement in Shelley's smile, and that first kiss....

 What a kiss!!  

We went on to take photos of Adam and Shelley alone and with their bridal party, and there were many unforgettable moments, but I wanted to highlight two examples of why I felt so honoured to be photographing them on their wedding day.  Now I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Melissa, Todd & Zachary

I'm halfway through my second official year in business as a photographer, and a wonderful thing is beginning to happen...I have repeat clients.  I get to further develop the relationship I have with clients by spending more time with them.  I love it!

Especially when they're clients like Melissa and Todd, who trusted me to capture their wonderful wedding last summer.  Before they celebrated their first anniversary, they welcomed a beautiful little boy into the family.

Here's a little note to that special baby:

Zachary, you have no idea how fortunate you are to be born into this family.  The love and emotion I witnessed at your parents' wedding was pure and abundant.  Not only do you have loving parents, but loving Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and so many beautiful little cousins.  I have no doubt that all of their hearts have expanded recently to make room for your precious little soul.

And I mustn't forget to mention that your parents have wonderful friends as well.  Your mom's friend Andrea organized this photo session and presented your mom with a gift certificate from all of her friends at a recent baby shower.  You will benefit from the network of loving, thoughtful friendships that your parents have nurtured.

When you look at these photos as a young boy, and later as a grown man, you will see that you were loved and adored.  It's in the way your parents look at you, and hold you, and react to each other.  Never doubt that you were welcomed into this world with love.

With love,
Your privileged photographer.