Monday, November 5, 2012

The Tiernans at Play | Comox Valley Photographer

Many of you knew an inspiring young woman named Jennifer Zahavich, who brought an entire community together in the name of love.  Jenn passed away last March after battling breast cancer, but she left a legacy of love behind.  (Jenn wrote eloquently of her journey and her words of wisdom can be found here.)

The Tiernan family won a photo package that I donated to the Love for Jenn fundraiser last year and, although we've been in touch several times, we didn't manage to schedule a session until this past month.

We met on a chilly Sunday with the promise of rain looming over our heads, but the first cold winds of the season didn't dampen the enthusiasm of this family.  They brought a wonderfully positive, joyful energy to our session.

As I edited the Tiernan's photos, I found that my cheeks were actually hurting because I was smiling the entire time.  This family makes me smile.  I also thought of Jenn Zahavich, and how her life created the opportunity for the Tiernans and I to meet, enjoy each other, and create some very special photographs.  I'm sure Jenn would approve.

(If you are interested in reading Jenn's words of wisdom and love, please visit her blog here.)