Monday, November 5, 2012

The Tiernans at Play | Comox Valley Photographer

Many of you knew an inspiring young woman named Jennifer Zahavich, who brought an entire community together in the name of love.  Jenn passed away last March after battling breast cancer, but she left a legacy of love behind.  (Jenn wrote eloquently of her journey and her words of wisdom can be found here.)

The Tiernan family won a photo package that I donated to the Love for Jenn fundraiser last year and, although we've been in touch several times, we didn't manage to schedule a session until this past month.

We met on a chilly Sunday with the promise of rain looming over our heads, but the first cold winds of the season didn't dampen the enthusiasm of this family.  They brought a wonderfully positive, joyful energy to our session.

As I edited the Tiernan's photos, I found that my cheeks were actually hurting because I was smiling the entire time.  This family makes me smile.  I also thought of Jenn Zahavich, and how her life created the opportunity for the Tiernans and I to meet, enjoy each other, and create some very special photographs.  I'm sure Jenn would approve.

(If you are interested in reading Jenn's words of wisdom and love, please visit her blog here.)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shelley & Adam Part II

It's fitting that I can hear my daughters playing their violins as I write this post.  Shelley, the stunning bride in these photos, is our violin teacher.

I posted photographs of Adam and Shelley on their wedding day HERE, and promised to share photos of the bridal party and ceremony at a later date.  Well...the later date has finally arrived!!!

I love variety in my job, and weddings provide tremendous variety in what I get to shoot.  There are more formal, posed photos and the candid shots.  I covered mostly formal shots in my first post, so here are some of my favourite candid moments from Shelley and Adam's wedding:

And a few final posed shots for good measure...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

BACKYARD SESSIONS | One-stop Christmas Shop!

 I don't like shopping; however, I do like giving thoughtful gifts.

And there you have it; yet ANOTHER reason why I love photography.  (Apparently I also love using semi-colons.)

One dreary November day last year, I asked my daughters to dress-up in their festive Christmas frocks and we went into the back yard for a little photo shoot.  The girls decorated a tree with Christmas ornaments while I set up my lights, and then I sat my daughters down on an old trunk and we had some fun.   I believe they were in front of the camera for a total of five minutes.

The girls had a blast, the entire process took mere minutes, yet it provided me with almost all of my Christmas gifts last year!  I had portraits made for my husband, my parents, my mother-in-law, and I used the photos in cards and emails that I sent to friends and relatives.

I'm going to do it again this year with my daughters and niece and nephews, and I'd like to offer it to you too!

I'm calling these sessions "The Backyard Sessions," and you can opt for the holiday themed background, or something more neutral.

Here are the details:

The Backyard Sessions 
@ the studio of Karen Pantuso Photography in Comox
Sunday, October 21st
20 minute sessions starting at 10:00 am, and going until 3:40 pm
(Rescheduling only if a torrential downpour occurs!)

Returning clients: $95 for the session
New clients: $125

Included in your session fee are two digital images that you can email or print up to size 8x10.

You may purchase more digital images if you wish, and I also offer print products, starting at $35.

I hope to book up quickly, so please send me an email if you want a spot!

Thanks to the Givers! | Comox Valley Portrait Photographer

I thought it would be particularly fitting, this Thanksgiving weekend, to share a few photographs of three Comox Valley 'Givers'; people who selflessly contribute to our community in positive ways without asking anything in return.

Natasha Milanovich, of Bikram Yoga, held a 'guess the birthdate' fundraiser prior to the birth of her twins and Hans Peter Meyer won the challenge.  Instead of claiming his prize, Hans decided to donate his winnings to the Comox Valley Child Development Association via their upcoming telethon which takes place November 4th.

When Hans asked me to take a publicity photo of the group of 'Givers,' I was happy to help.

Here is my favourite shot from the session:

This weekend, when we sit down at our Thanksgiving Day feast and each family member expresses gratitude, I'm going to acknowledge the many people who give of themselves in order to make our community a better place.

Thank you Hans, Lorraine and Natasha!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sawyer's Peeps

And here's yet another delinquent post from May:

You might recall a post about my radiant friend, Allie, who became a mother to her third child, Sawyer, this past Mothers' Day.  We took photos of Allie in all of her pregnant glory, (which you can see here,) then we scheduled a session for Sawyer just a few days after his birth, (which you can here.)  Finally, we finished with a short session in the studio that included Sawyer and all of his peeps: Mom, Dad, and his two big sisters.

We had a sweet, goofy, tender time together in the studio, and I can't help but smile when I look at these images.

Allie and Colin, your family is pure BEAUTY!!!  I love you all!


Somehow, in the midst of 'Spring Busy-ness,' I neglected to post a few photo sessions from the month of May.  Rest assured, my clients received their images within the promised two week period following our sessions, but I feel compelled to share a few photos from those sessions in this forum.

First, a young lad who is very dear to me; the fabulous Archer!  I've known Archie's family since I was in the 7th grade and I grew up just down the beach from them, so I always look forward to visiting their home.

Archie is growing up in a young boy's paradise with pets and fields and the beach and sports and tractors and two adoring parents.

As I watched Archie move from one activity to the next, I was struck by how wonderfully oblivious children are to the gifts that surround them.  Surely one day, Archie will look back at these images and realize what a lucky boy he was.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fabulous Four | Comox Valley Portrait Photographer

Heather, Dave, Ruben and Gemma were our back-door neighbours for many years and, although they moved only 6 blocks away,  we miss them.  They're good friends of ours, so we still see them often, but there was something special about being neighbours.  We got to be a part of each other's daily lives; watching Ruben learn to ride his bike, borrowing eggs, even if I was just walking by their home and had a five minute conversation with Heather, it was always a lovely addition to my day.

I could go on about this family; about how my husband and I respect the way Dave and Heather parent their kids, and how we admire the way they took their family abroad for a year-long adventure in Australia.  I could write about how I always leave my conversations with Heather wanting more...but for the purpose of this blog I will just say this: they are a beautiful family and I feel fortunate to call them my friends.