Monday, September 24, 2012

Sawyer's Peeps

And here's yet another delinquent post from May:

You might recall a post about my radiant friend, Allie, who became a mother to her third child, Sawyer, this past Mothers' Day.  We took photos of Allie in all of her pregnant glory, (which you can see here,) then we scheduled a session for Sawyer just a few days after his birth, (which you can here.)  Finally, we finished with a short session in the studio that included Sawyer and all of his peeps: Mom, Dad, and his two big sisters.

We had a sweet, goofy, tender time together in the studio, and I can't help but smile when I look at these images.

Allie and Colin, your family is pure BEAUTY!!!  I love you all!


Somehow, in the midst of 'Spring Busy-ness,' I neglected to post a few photo sessions from the month of May.  Rest assured, my clients received their images within the promised two week period following our sessions, but I feel compelled to share a few photos from those sessions in this forum.

First, a young lad who is very dear to me; the fabulous Archer!  I've known Archie's family since I was in the 7th grade and I grew up just down the beach from them, so I always look forward to visiting their home.

Archie is growing up in a young boy's paradise with pets and fields and the beach and sports and tractors and two adoring parents.

As I watched Archie move from one activity to the next, I was struck by how wonderfully oblivious children are to the gifts that surround them.  Surely one day, Archie will look back at these images and realize what a lucky boy he was.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fabulous Four | Comox Valley Portrait Photographer

Heather, Dave, Ruben and Gemma were our back-door neighbours for many years and, although they moved only 6 blocks away,  we miss them.  They're good friends of ours, so we still see them often, but there was something special about being neighbours.  We got to be a part of each other's daily lives; watching Ruben learn to ride his bike, borrowing eggs, even if I was just walking by their home and had a five minute conversation with Heather, it was always a lovely addition to my day.

I could go on about this family; about how my husband and I respect the way Dave and Heather parent their kids, and how we admire the way they took their family abroad for a year-long adventure in Australia.  I could write about how I always leave my conversations with Heather wanting more...but for the purpose of this blog I will just say this: they are a beautiful family and I feel fortunate to call them my friends.