Saturday, July 6, 2013

Love on the dock!

It seems hard to imagine, in the midst of this gorgeous summer weather, that it was just over a week ago that Katy and Jordan and I were trying to decide whether we should postpone their engagement session or brave the stormy weather.  I'm so glad that Katy and Jordan decided to go for it!   I love shooting in passionate weather and luckily, the downpour didn't occur until after our shoot.

We decided to meet at the Comox Marina, which is also the site of Katy and Jordan's upcoming wedding.  I know Katy's mom and sisters, but had only met Katy and Jordan once prior to our session, so it was a great opportunity for me to connect with the two of them before the wedding.

I have to say that the love these two people have for each other is tangible.  They have that wonderful, giddy, youthful, love-energy between them and it's a treat to witness.  I loved the way Jordan and Katy looked at each other throughout the session; their mutual adoration just jumps out of these photos.

I am so looking forward to photographing this wedding!