Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gratitude Giveaway

I am so grateful for my family.   I'm also grateful for the photographs I've taken of my daughters over the years and I want to share the gift of photography.

Each year, during the month of their birthdays, I have a special photo session with each of my daughters.  They get dressed in various outfits, (one of which is a rose coloured dress of mine that they wear every year,) and they feel very special as I photograph them.  It is a birthday ritual we have all come to treasure almost as much as we cherish the photographs!

In honour of my second daughter, who turned five this month, I would like to give away 5 consecutive birthday photo sessions.  That's right!  This birthday package includes 5 free, 1/2 hour studio sessions, which can be indoors or outdoors at my Comox studio.  The first year will also include one 8x10 print and accompanying low-resolution digital image, with my watermark, for sharing on the web.

If you're interested in receiving this gift for your child or someone you know, you have to be willing to brag!  Please send me an email telling me about the special young person in your life and I'll select a recipient and contact them via email.  I'm happy to accept emails until April 1st.

Please send your emails to and do not submit messages via facebook or this blog.  And if you're nominating someone in a family other than yourself, please include their contact information.

Thank you for taking the time to visit!

With gratitude,