Saturday, October 25, 2014


I was recently approached by an editor at the United Church Observer magazine to capture some photos of a woman named Florence Kaefer as part of their special interview issue in November.  

Florence has written a book called, Back to the Red Road that describes her incredible spiritual journey with former student, Edward Gamblin.  Florence had taught Edward in 1954 at Norway House Indian Residential School of Manitoba.

When I first read about Florence's story, I was very intrigued and excited about meeting her.  Now, after spending just over an hour in her presence, I can safely say that she is an amazing person.  It was a privilege to photograph her.

Florence carried a gift from Edward with her for most of our time together.  It's a feather he gave to her to give her strength when she was speaking in public or in unfamiliar situations.  I photographed her in different areas around her home, and in front of a beautiful Oak tree in her back yard.  She leaned against the trunk of the tree and told me that it was a sacred place for her; it was where she liked to pray.  

The story she shared with me was inspiring, hopeful and moving.  I can't wait to read her book!

I hope you enjoy these photos. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Handsome Hotsenpillers

I love the Hotsenpillers.

I've known this family since I was eleven or twelve years old, and I find it such a privilege to watch their lives unfold.  I've seen Russell evolve from a jean-vest clad pre-teen to a proud father and husband.  It's very cool to watch a family expand and evolve over time.

When Russell's wife Marci called about scheduling a session while her parents were in town, she had a very clear vision.  "You know all the beautiful fall colours that most people use as a backdrop this time of year?"  Marci began.

"Yes," I said, picturing their beautiful piece of land near Kitty Coleman.

"Well, I don't want that!" said Marci.

Her vision was classic; a simple black backdrop with the emphasis on the subjects...not the background.  Music to my ears!

I so enjoyed my time with the Hotsenpillers and the Crossans.  Seeing everyone interact with wee Dash, the newest member of the Hotsenpiller clan, was beautiful.

You've made a spectacular choice in joining this family, Dashiel!!!  You will be well-loved!

(We missed Louise, Russell's mom, but will hopefully get some photos of her with her gorgeous grandsons soon.)