Monday, August 18, 2014

Matt & Amanda

When I think of Matt and Amanda, the first word that pops into my head is 'teeth.'  Not only because I met Amanda through our dentist's office, but because both she and Matt have the brightest, most glorious smiles that have ever graced the faces of two people!!!  Their smiles didn't just light up a room on their wedding day...they lit up an entire farm!!!

You'll see what I mean as you look through these images...

 I first met up with Amanda and the girls at Velvet Underground, where Matt surprised Amanda with a special delivery; a bouquet of flowers.

 Next, I made my way to the wedding site to take a few detail shots and catch up with the wedding party as they finished getting ready.

And here we have the hands of Amanda's Mom, Grandma and Great-Grandmother alongside her own.

Loved meeting the band, Boondock for the first time!

Matt and Amanda, may you always be nourished by the memory of the love and support that surrounded you on your wedding day!

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  1. Stunning photos. Such a beautiful wedding <3